Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jonathan Franzen!

Hey team,
I know I have not posted in a long while. I'm sure you have not noticed.
I've been busy, moving to NYC to start my grad program at SVA. Also, my trusty old laptop died on me so my internet access has been dodgy. But classes started today, so soon I will be turning out a lot of work and you will be flooded with posts.
I know this is ostensibly a sketch blog, but today's post is about meeting someone I admire very much, Mr. Jonathan Franzen. Who is a writer, not a visual artist. And this post contains no sketches whatsoever.
Newsweek be damned, I loveloveLOVE Jonathan Franzen. One of the regular opportunities that New York affords is readings and book signings with big deals like Jonathan Franzen. Tonight was Mr. Franzen's first east coast date on his nationwide book tour to support the new book Freedom. I went and fanboyed out hardcore.As you can see, it was standing room only for the fools who showed up less than an hour in advance.I had the good sense to show up about an hour and a half early, so I had a pretty good view of Mr. Franzen. There are some heads in the way on that picture. I apologize for that. Here:I hope that's better.That's me getting my book signed!There's my copyAnd there's the signature!

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