Sunday, March 6, 2011

the Armory

some highlights from the Armory show this weekend :A rabbit egg by Jane Canfield

I can't afford a Fernando Botero of my own at this point, but someday . . .

this handsome functional miniature gate by Wim Delvoye is also on my wishlist this Christmas

did you know that Jim Dine also sculpts hearts?
I also can't afford a Giorgio Da Chirico yet either. Maybe this one will still be available by the time I hit baller status.
I forgot to write down the name of this artist, but FUN!
very beautiful prints by Mequitta Ahuja, represented by Galerie Obadia in Paris, France.

again, I failed to write down the info on this artist, but it's from a gallery in Turkey. I at least remember that much.
A flock of sheep by Remy Markowitsch

this I considered notable because they used gargoyles to hang the painting. I WANT THAT!

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