Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kenneth the Page

Dear team,
it's no secret that I love 30 Rock, and as all my facebook stalkers well know I got to visit the set of 30 Rock not too long ago in a professional capacity (as a puppeteer's assistant). An early frontrunner for best moment of 2011 was getting my picture taken with Jack McBrayer who plays my favorite human being who ever lived, Kenneth the Page.now that I have a photograph of a recognizable public figure to which I own the exclusive copyright, I made this little doodle:and so now I need all of you 30 Rock superfans to go RIGHT NOW to my Etsy and buy the original so I can eat this month. Thank you.


Sherman said...

You are very talented! Great artwork!
Sherman Unkefer

Charlangas! said...

si tuviera la plata cabron! lol that sounds very mexican