Sunday, March 6, 2011

before they are consigned to the flames . . .

hey team,
my studio space had gotten filthy of late, and since I am on spring break this week I made my first order of business to thoroughly clean and reorganize it.
Of course that means some of the art, like ugly, unclaimed little puppies at the pound, will have to be put down. Sad but true. The joint is too cluttered up. I will be posting some of the things for sale on the Etsy if you just can't bear to see these pictures thrown away, but some things are going to get chucked and that's that.
Like all these gorillas that the Titolo made us do. As you recall, he wanted us to just obsess over objects and draw them from every angle at every size and in every media, including the dime-sized gorilla toys he got for all of us.
Well it was fun, but with the price of real estate in Manhattan, they simply cannot stay.
But I figured they were at least worth scanning and sharing just this once before they are tossed.


Elizabeth Baddeley said...

that last gorilla looks familiar ;)

A.E. Kieren said...

oh blurg ya caught me