Wednesday, March 2, 2011

naked ladies

Hey team,
went to sketch night at S of I again last night, and as always it was great. Very, very good musical stylings last night, in fact.
Anyhoo, I never have time in my life to do things like show up to sketch night a half hour early and get the best seats. As a result, I tend to be in the third row, and so I can't usually see the model's feet. I hate leaving the feet off and I don't want to be accused of deliberately avoiding the feet because I'm such a hack. I wish sketch night was a talentocracy in which I could show up ten minutes after the poses commenced and toss someone out of the front row for doing stick figures, but it's just that sort of progressive thinking that the world isn't ready for.

5 mins:
10 mins:

20 mins:

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