Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Coming Attractions!

for my next painting, once again I have taken a beautiful girl and dunked her underwater!
What will I do when I don't have access to my fellow students at CCS to serve as models? These guys have been so cooperative and so enabling of my madness . . .
for this project I wanted to do an image of Ophelia from William Shakespeare's Hamlet. A staging of Hamlet that would have taken certain liberties and placed it in Ancient Greece . . . hence the toga . . . it's all very farfetched, I know.that there is Veronica Bayagich helping out with the drapery and graciously allowing us to use her bathtub.

I wanted to show Ophelia's drowned corpse from above, partially enveloped by waterlilies . . .
. . . so I made Maria wrap herself in a toga and climb into a bathtub full of water so I could stand over her and take photos!
here are some silly caps from the shoot . . . check back in about 3 weeks for the finished piece

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